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Acrylic Photo Frame Made Step By Step

You can personalize a photo display by creating your own acrylic photo frame. It is a cost-effective option for filling a blank wall or shelf space, and you can customize the frame to match your interior. Acrylic photo frame can be easily washed, plus you can create them with children as part of a creative crafts day. Begin by collecting the things you'll need, and then get to work making you own simple, homemade acrylic frame. 
1. Measure and draw two equally-sized rectangles onto the sheet of acrylic, using the measuring tape. Draw straight lines with the non-permanent marker pen and ruler. The pen will be washed off later in the process. Make each of the measurements one inch longer than the object you wish to frame.
2. Put the sheet of acrylic on the vinyl mat. The mat is used as a cutting board to avoid damaging a work surface or bench.
3. Cut along the lines which have been drawn onto the acrylic. Follow the lines using the utility knife. Thicker acrylic will require the use of a metal saw. However, so long as it is equal to or less than 3/16 of an inch thick, you can use a simple utility knife, or scalpel.
4. Place a beading of glue around the edges of one of the acrylic rectangles, using the hot glue gun.
5. Place the image that you want to frame into the center of the rectangle, and then lightly press the other rectangle on top of it. Line up the two rectangles so that their edges are even. Push on down on the top rectangle to stick it to the bottom rectangle.
6. Let the glue dry before moving it, otherwise the rectangles will not align and the photo will skew.
7.Stick buttons, beads or glitter onto the front of the acrylic photo frame for extra decoration, using a hot glue gun.
Tips & Warnings
Follow the edge of the ruler with the utility knife to cut perfectly straight lines.
Use your imagination to create different shapes out of the acrylic.
Experiment by using different colors of transparent acrylic. This will add a unique effect to the photograph.
Always supervise children when using craft tools. Perform the cutting for them, so that they do not cut their fingers.
Don't press too firmly when sticking the acrylic rectangles together, because the glue will squeeze out of the sides and ruin the look of the acrylic photo frame.

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